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201  Merry christmas  Merry Christmas and may you live a long and happy life filled with goodwill and friendship... Send SMS
202  On this joyous day  On this joyous day, and throughout the new year, may your life be filled with an abundance of love. Send SMS
203  May your lifebe filled with joy  May your life be filled with joy and happiness and may each new day bring you moments to cherish. Send SMS
204  Have an icy juicy christmas,  Have an icy juicy christmas,
with buttering messages,
chocolatey calls,
creamy thoughts,
fruity funs,
wild plumpy plays & jumpy joys.
Merry christmas.
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205  Christmas commemorates the birth of the son of God  Christmas commemorates the birth of the son of God, Jesus Christ,
and truly the world becomes a delightful place on the day.
It sweeps the magic wand and the snowy outdoors and joyous indoors fills the heart of one and all.
Merry xmas
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206  In this X-mas,  In this X-mas,
In the daytime, when the sun shines so shall Ur expectations come true,
At night, when moon comes out so shall U receive blessings,
then when the rain falls, so shall it carry all your problems away from U!
Happy Merry Christmas!
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207  May the glow of xmas  May the glow of Christmas, the spirit of Christmas, and the magic of Christmas fill your heart all year long. Send SMS
208  The best of joy  The Best of J"Y
The Best of CHEER
coming YEAR 2015
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209  Jingle bells are ringing  Jingle Bells are ringing the wishes of Christmas. Sending the warmest Christmas wishes on soft snowflakes just for youand your family! Send SMS
210  Xmas tree  .*.
May this X'mas tree bring with it Happiness, Hope & Peace!!
Merry christmas to u & ur family!!
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211  Wish u an amazing xmas  Wish you an amazing and altogether thrilling and chilling X-Mas. Send SMS
212  May ur neighbours respect you  May ur neighbours respect you,
Trouble neglect u,
The angels protect u,
and Heaven accept u.
Happy Christmas and Happy Holiday...
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213  Before Now you are just ok  Before Now you are just ok, Yesterday you were better, Today you are perfect,
This is the the effect of a blissful season...christmas.merry it in style!.
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214  The Season of Joy is Here  The Season of Joy is Here
Its Time to Spread the Cheers
May this Christmas bring you lots of Happy Surprises
And lots of love and joy to your Harts and Home
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215  Silent night, silvery snow  Silent night, silvery snow...
Evergreen tree bright and aglow...
Christmas is here bringing good cheer...
May it bring for you...
Gifts of love and joy too!
Merry Christmas!!
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216  The Blessings of Peace  The Blessings of Peace
The Beauty of Hope
The Spirit of Love
The Comfort of Faith
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217  Its the month of Cakes & CandLes,  Its the month of Cakes & CandLes,
Snow & songs, CeLebration & decoration,
Laughter & Love. Its DEMBER Wishing u a LoveLy funfiLLed X'ms..
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218  Hope your Christmas is a hug of a best moments  Hope your Christmas is a hug of a best moments
Hope you have the most amazing day with loved ones
Hope all your wishes come true
Merry Christmas!!
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219  Be filled with wonder  Be filled with wonder
Be touched by peace
Believe in the miracle
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220  Its december  Its DECEMBER..
It is the month of
Cakes and Candles,
Snow and Songs,
Carols and Joys,
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